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H1 2011

Sharing CeBeC experience













CEO Sean Daly

with a biocide sample


High performance start up company devoted to research & development of products to combat pathogenic organisms.  The company has been engaged in the development of a new biocide platform with high antimicrobial efficacy, low overall toxicity and low resistance risk.  The biocide development in collaboration with The CeBeC Group includes a New Zealand division, which has been involved in managing specific product trials for the food sector.  A product has been approved by the Food Safety Authority of New Zealand (NZFSA) and Food Standards Australia & New Zealand (FSANZ) as a Potable Water Treatment (PWT), Food Processing Aid and Surface Sanitiser


Technology Facility

As part of the second phase screening and analysis of biocide formulations, with the generation of data to influence development, CeBeC partnered with the UCD Centre for Food Safety in Dublin.  The Centre screened these new products against a host of natural isolates to generate significant efficacy data.  This centre embraces a number of technology core facilities, including, Phenotype MicroArray Technology.  This technology simultaneously and in ‘real-time’, can assay the expression of 2,000 strain characteristics.  The Phenotype MicroArray with robotic support provides a comprehensive phenotypic profile that can provide important insights into strain characteristics and behavior under selected conditions, including: Identification of novel antimicrobial targets by locating genes specific to the selected pathogenic microorganisms.

CeBeC has also accessed 3D bioreactor technology in the centre for Biopolymer & Biomolecular Research (CBBR) in Athlone Institute of Technology in Ireland to provide a gastric simulation system for non in vivo screening of biocide action against specific pathogens.



CeBeC Group has collaborated with CBBR/CNMR (Centre for Nanotechnology & Materials Research) in Athlone Institute of Technology to develop biocide products, biotransform core molecules and formulate final composite sanitisers.  The collaboration with the CFS in UCD has focused on advanced screening technology.  These collaborations have been highly influential for product development and evaluation and the participation in embedded networks is likely to lead to further research collaborations with transnational partners.


Facts & Figures 

CeBeC Group now has products approved for the NZ/Australian markets and is moving into the second phase of company development.



CeBec Group Ltd; Unit 16, Innovation in Business Centre, Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology, Dublin Road, Galway, Ireland.