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H1 2012

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The company

BlueWorks - Medical Expert Diagnosis, a technological core facility start-up of centre region of Portugal, is dedicated to create innovative solutions to help physicians provide better and faster healthcare services. Founded in 2007 with reference clinical and engineering partners ( and, BlueWorks has been focused in Ophthalmology, developing solutions for early screening of visual dysfunctions in children, communication of diagnosis tests results between the equipmBlueWorks Imageent and the central server, validation of compliance to therapy, and dynamic contents for patient education.



In order to Ophthalmologists correctly identify and manage patient’s visual diseases, they must resort to a vast amount of distinct diagnosis tests performed by specific equipment. Since these equipment are unable to properly communicate with a central system, information is transmitted in paper formats, with quality and quantity of information loss, and consumption of time and other resources.
OphthalSuite is a software solution which solves this problem by automating the centralized organization of information, making it available in real time for consultation, and exportable in organized numerical formats for research. In addition, it is able to easily extract numerical information from outputs in image or printout formats.


For the past year, Blueworks cooperated with Coimbra University Hospitals (HUC), the biggest public Ophthalmology Unit in the centre region of Portugal (42 MDs + 8 Technicians), by providing OphthalSuite to aid during medical visits. This has allowed HUC to have Complementary Exams information more accessible and organize, paving the way to easier research projects that are planned for 2012.


Facts & figures

HUC Ophthalmologists reported an average 16% reduction of time required per appointment. This cooperation addressed only 20% of the available diagnosis equipment, and for these over 160.000 images belonging to nearly 8000 distinct exams were gathered. Lean Six Sigma based analysis are now underway to confirm the reported benefits.



Address & Contact

BlueWorks - Medical Expert Diagnosis, Lda; Rua Dr. Manuel Campos Pinheiro, 51, Espadaneira – S.
Martinho do Bispo - 3045-089 Coimbra

BlueWorks logo