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H1 2012

Sharing CyberColloids experience          cybercolloids logo


Company background

CyberColloids is a group of experts and companies working together to create a centre of excellence of polysaccharides with a view to enable companies to cost effectively add value through research and innovation. Founded in 2002, CyberColloids has grown to employ twelve staff and has laboratory facilities.


CyberColloids is a private R&D company (SME) that provides innovative technical and business solutions for raw material suppliers, processors and users of hydrocolloids at a global level. It is also a recognised research provider and ranks alongside third level research institutions at an EU level. Ross Campbell, Managing Director of CyberColloids said ‘We believe that our success in securing funding is a result of being firmly rooted in the commercial world and maintaining a strong commitment to provide innovative solutions for the commercialisation of science’.


Based in Co. Cork, Ireland, the company plays an active role in the Irish seaweed industry but has also developed strong links with harvesters and processors in UK, Europe, SE Asia and Central America.



Technology / expertise

The company is essentially focussed on four core areas:

cybercolloid pictures COMPHydrocolloid & polysaccharide chemistry: This encompasses a fundamental knowledge of the raw material; technical & operational support for subsequent processing activities; innovative modification & extraction techniques and development of value added market products. Ross Campbell MD added ‘Hydrocolloid and polysaccharide chemistry has been the primary research focus for us since the company was founded in 2002 and it is by this reputation that the company has developed into a recognised centre of excellence’.

Food application research: The CyberColloids team primarily specialises in dairy, meat and savoury food systems but also works in other food areas. ‘We have a global client base that reaches across Europe, USA, South America, India and South East Asia – 95% of our client base are overseas’. Some examples of food application research include: Improving laminated dough fluffiness with modified guars; Making creamy 3 % fat mayonnaise with novel fibres; Restructured meats/fruits with unique gelling fruit and vegetable fibres from waste streams.

Hydrocolloids for health: Low molecular weight fibres & polysaccharides for potential prebiotic & digestive health, and the development of a range of better quality gluten free products.

Seaweeds for health: Exploring low molecular weight alginates & agars for digestive health; antioxidant & anti-inflammatory activity of seaweed derived polyphenols; anticancer potential of seaweed extracts, and developing novel methodology for the extraction of interesting bioactives from seaweed.



Research Collaboration

Ross Campbell MD ‘We have ongoing long term research, which includes participating in European FP7 projects, National projects and collaborating with universities’.


Examples of recent & ongoing FP7 EU Projects which CyberColloids are currently participating in:

  • SWAFAX: seaweed derived anti-inflammatory and antioxidant compounds
  • HYFFI: Low Molecular Weight (LMWP) seaweed hydrocolloids as prebiotics
  • Gluten Free bread and pasta
  • LikeMeat looking at improved mouthfeel on meat analogues

Future outlook

In 2005 the company developed a new core discipline and has established itself as a recognised research provider in the “seaweeds for health” space. According to Ross Campbell MD ‘There is a great opportunity in human health for us, to look beyond the interesting textural properties of seaweed derived hydrocolloids, and explore the nutritional and health potential of seaweeds’. CyberColloids is currently engaged in a number of research projects that are exploring the nutritional and health potential of seaweeds - Prebiotics from LMW hydrocolloids (alginate, agar, guar); Bioactives from seaweeds (polyphenols and others) and; Taste molecules from seaweed as a salt replacement tool.

Also in negotiation phase for the TASTE project that will address the use of seaweeds to develop natural & healthy flavour ingredients for salt replacement.


CyberColloids Ltd.







Ross Campbell

Managing Director

Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Tel: 00353 21 4375773