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We bring you news

Whenever there are new topics that need to be covered in the tech or health industry, we are the first ones on the scene

We share our research

While we love writing about many things, we also love to perform lots of research, and we enjoy sharing it with the world.

We connect people

With us you don’t just get a window to the tech and health industry world, you also get a community that is based on helping each other through the connection of our website.

Our Goals

Our goals have always been simple yet noble. We wanted to help connect the scientists and their research with the people. In today’s world, it’s pretty hard to keep up with all the technological advancements especially when somebody is trying to lead a healthy life. With us, you get the best of both worlds and with our small team, we have so far been successful in transferring many difficult subjects from the academic world to anyone that wants to learn.

Meet Our Team


Nothing we have achieved so far would be possible without a team as amazing as ours. We have always strived to connect people from various aspects of life with their passion for tech and healthy lifestyles, and here we succeeded.


The most notable people from our crew are:


Derrick Williamson

The lead project manager behind the scenes that keeps the family together. Without him, the jobs of everyone in our team would be harder.


Louis Curry

The best tech research manager you can find on the market. Nothing gets past him and with his amazing analysis, the in-depth blogs are truly unique


Stacey Dennis

Stacey is our lead editor and with her, everything gets conveyed to the public much easier. Her skills have been an amazing addition to the team for many years.


Frequently asked questions

  • How long does it take to cover a topic?


    Depending on the topic and how interesting it is to our lead researcher. The topics usually take a few days as we strive to collect all the facts and sides of the story.

  • How important is public outreach to scientific discoveries?


    Science is integrated into all parts of our lives, but conveying everything that happens in science is hard. The tech world is full of new discoveries every day and it’s important to have that knowledge shared with the world.

  • Will health topics in the future be focused more on preventing or fixing?


    When it comes to health the future is definitely being more focused on prevention. We believe that in the future the biggest health problems will be preventable.

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