Sharebiotech Events – Fostering open innovation in biotechnology

When it comes to research about the genetic manipulation of organisms nothing gets it done like biotechnology does. The industry has been on the rise in the past couple of years which is amazing to see as research into this field has never been more important for humanity. The project that is being held by the European science stakeholders called ShareBiotech is hosted to foster such an amazing industry and nurture innovation. The mainstream media has finally accepted science as an interesting factor that has to be reported on, and the layman population is also getting into the biotechnology research and understanding. The program is solely focused on innovation and the promotion of ideas that are based on biotechnology or that have some elements in it. The network building project is detrimental to the delivery of information in this day and age and many prominent speakers from all over the world will be joining this event and future events such as these.

post1aWhat is biotechnology?

The easy way to understand what biotechnology is, is that its biology mixed with technology. Which means that biotechnology harnesses the power of technology and takes a dive into the cellular and bimolecular process, in order to establish a link and build up certain products and technological advancements that will help and improve our everyday lives on this planet.

The share biotech events will be held every year and with it, the goal of the event is outreach, education and the delivery of the information in biotechnology.

The industry is focusing its efforts to solve political issues and change laws that would benefit the future of mankind with its detailed findings. As simple solutions are within reach the world famous problems of how to feed the world, how to fuel the world and how to cure the world are ever growing nearer and we hope that with this event and similar events the problems will become a thing of the past.