Case studies – Cybercolloids

Cybercolloids is an organization that is based its operations on bringing new hydrocolloid inventions, methods and innovations to the industry. Their core solution was to effectively find ways to add value to the research and development departments as it was developed within the ideal of achieving global excellence for hydrocolloids.

Wo are Cybercolloids?

post2aThe cybercolloids are a group that was compromised of certain highly educated individuals that have had decades of experience in the industry itself, and who are responsible for bringing new and unique ways and services to the hydrocolloids market. Their expertise has helped many end users achieve their goals and needs with the innovative methods that the cybercolloids have made available to the public. Founded in 2002, the Cybercolloids company has been steadily growing and expanding their employment circle and it now has dedicated staff who run their laboratories and science facilities independently.  With such dedication and the capacity to achieve new things, their experience was proving detrimental to the success and the overall satisfaction of their clients.

Some of the many examples where cybercolloids has achieved a positive end result are as follows:

post2b– In the Hydrocolloid assessment, they have achieved many innovative approaches when it comes to Carrageenan rationalization, Food hydrocolloid variation studies and assessment of fat replacers. They have not only paved the way for other companies to invest in research but have also opened the doors for many scientific personnel to delve into the open world of hydrocolloid research.

– On the Business development part, Cybercolloids has been detrimental to the Galactomannan technical & marketing development success as they were employed for a long-term contract where they had to provide extensive research into the marketing and development of new ways where the end users will be satisfied with the result.

– Food application has also seen cybercolloids activity as their food replication contract had them replicate nutritional values of certain new products to some former ones.

– Finally the food waste & seaweed projects where cybercolloids dived deep into the extensive data and research that is food waste.