Analysis of tcf business models in Europe

What is TCF in Theory?

With state of the art technology in the field of biotechnology, it’s also needed to have a state of the art financial resources to equip the biotech assets, facilities and to maintain their equipment.

post3aA Technology Core Facility is a centralized research organization that provides many technologies, services, instruments, and consultation to other scientific and technological investigators. It’s also integrated into the principle of a series of values who are instrumental in the decision on how the business model of the TCF is utilized.

When viewing these business models many factors have to be taken into perspective least we focus only on a few where a detrimental mistake would have been made in such cases.

Factors for analysis should include

– The activity

– The partnerships

– The governance

– Staff organizations

– The promotion strategy and other factors

post3bAdditionally, when analyzing all European TCF’s there was a pattern spotted that divided them into three instinctive groups

-The profit-oriented one

Where the goal and function of the Technology Core Facility were to maximize profits by any means necessary, by offering their services in both the private and public sectors and clients.

– The regional technological advancement oriented ones

Where the TCF focused on providing state of the art equipment and research development methods to their regional or national startup companies and other facilities.

– The research focused groups

Which was made for a global academic community who would, in turn, support the development and research activities with the bonus of spreading knowledge-based information to the regional and local community?

The business model of each and every company in the TCF market depends on their strengths and weaknesses as there are many ways how a successful business model can be built up in a TCF focused group.When it comes to financing said models the bulk of the finances are secured through either government donations or by the private sector, but can also maintain themselves with public fees.